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35 years of Pendennis: remembering 2019

We’re approaching the end of Pendennis’ 35th year - and our journey through the chapters of Pendennis’ history is almost at an end too. Today we’re almost up to date, with a focus on 2019.

Pendennis Vilanova

Having invested in the location the previous year, in 2019 we completed and opened our Mediterranean technical service centre; Pendennis Vilanova. The facility became our main base in the Mediterranean, allowing us to offer refit capability and berthing just outside of Barcelona. As part of the construction, we shipped our hoist from Falmouth out to Pendennis Vilanova, upgrading to an 800t hoist in its place.

A marina aerial of Pendennis Vilanova (July 2019)

Ngoni was the first yacht at Pendennis Vilanova to be hauled out by the 620t travel hoist, shipped from Pendennis Falmouth

Ngoni's haul out (October 2019)

Pendennis' new 800t travel hoist (August 2019)

World Superyacht Award Winners

We were honoured to win three World Superyacht Awards in 2019; Vijonara, G2 and Haida1929 all took home titles.

Vijonara won the best Sailing Yacht Award in the 30m-59.9m category at the World Superyacht Awards in 2019, following her delivery at Pendennis in the spring of 2018. The judges deemed Vijonara worthy of a win due to her charm, character and comfort that would be expected in a classic yacht. Areas that the judges found to be favourable include the welcoming accommodation and the twin cockpit layout. Vijonara is considered a special addition to the fleet of bespoke-build superyachts launched over the years at Pendennis. To read more about Vijonara click here.

Vijonara (photography by Stuart Pearce/Yacht Shot)

Owners' saloon (photography by Stuart Pearce/YachtShot)

Vijonara exterior dining (photography by Stuart Pearce/YachtShot)

Vijonara exterior styling (photography by Stuart Pearce/YachtShot)

G2 won best Refitted Yacht at the 2019 World Superyacht Awards. Pendennis worked closely with Naval Architect Tripp Design, who structurally restyled the yacht by removing the exterior aft classic cuddy cabin, thereby creating a large outdoor living space, suitable for warmer climates. G2’s interiors were revamped by Milan-based Nauta design, who incorporated a large glass skylight, flooding the pilothouse with natural light as a result. The Pendennis engineering team upgraded the technical and navigational systems onboard to the most modern and reliable systems possible.

The judges deemed G2 worthy of a Neptune due to her impressive new interior layout and sweeping deck. You can read more about G2 here.

G2 on sea trials in Falmouth (photography copyright Andrew Wright)

Redesigned open spaces ideal for outdoor living (photography copyright Quin Bisset)

Large glass skylights flood G2 with natural light (photography copyright Quin Bisset)

G2 sail trials (photography copyright Andrew Wright)

Haida 1929 won best Rebuilt Yacht at the World Superyacht Awards in 2019. The ethos of this project was to rebuild the yacht whilst respecting the integrity of Haida’s historical elements. Working closely with Edmiston Yacht Management and interior designer Adam Lay, the Pendennis team applied their expertise in yacht restoration to undertake a meticulous 18-month refit programme.

Approximately 110 tonnes of steel and 90 percent of her pipework were replaced, with her interiors articulately reworked. The Pendennis team even deconstructed her original engines built in 1928 – probably the oldest marine diesels in their original installation, whilst maintaining them as the ‘heart’ of the vessel. This added to her authenticity and the judges commended the commitment to her refit, recognising a yacht that hasn’t compromised any of her original charms. Read more about Haida 1929 here.

During the year, we began working on the build of the next yacht in Hoek’s Truly Classic 128 series, Halekai, who would be launched in 2020.

Haida 1929 (photography copyright Christopher Scholey)

Image: Haida 1929's refit team and crew

Haida 1929's interiors (photography copyright Stuart Pearce/YachtShot)

Haida 1929's interiors (photography copyright Stuart Pearce/YachtShot)

Haida 1929's interiors (photography copyright Stuart Pearce/YachtShot)

Owner's suite (photography copyright Stuart Pearce/YachtShot)

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